Random Thoughts

Podcast Player – Free Feature Idea

You want to take money from me? Here’s the idea (I’m looking at you Downcast and Overcast!).

During a podcast, passively listen for the words Audiobook or Audible and then for 10-20 words around that trigger term.

Search combinations of those words against an Audible search API to see if there is a book.

If you find a hit, note the time stamp and name of the podcast and send that back to the Audible API so that it knows there is a mention of this book at this podcast at this time.

The podcast app can send now present me with a link to the book so that I can grab it from Audible.
I’m so screwed if this feature gets implemented.

Random Thoughts

Lost love for Apple, Google, Mozilla

Two to three years ago it seemed that our heros in the tech world were Apple, Google, Facebook and Mozilla.   Apple was riding a streak of product wins and scored massive multi-ball points with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The app store was an example of industry and made money for lots of people.   Google was showing the world that the Do no Evil mantra was still alive and showed us the PaaS model was alive.  Facebook started to become the destination for social conversation and calendar and Mozilla had a solid browser that gave it’s users access to plug-ins that worked and a platform that didn’t cause issues.

Now in 2010 it’s a different story.

Apple is being called arrogant from some of it’s most ardent supporters and important tech-cheerleaders.  The iPad is not being cheered on and hailed – it’s Apples version of the pinball TILT at this point (granted it’s only been a day since it’s been announced).   Google is trying to recapture some of it’s hacker and painter magic by standing up for human rights, throwing a fit about China’s cyber attack.  Facebook puts you on a roller-coaster of privacy concerns and Mozilla’s browser as of 3.5 has introduced a number of issues with Flash that cause stability issues and are leaving the tech adopters with Google Chrome as the choice for solid web browser.

What is it that turned the fortunes?    Was it that American people are super distrustful of any large corporation after the latest recession?  Is it that these companies got enough mind share and are running into classic PR and image issues?   Is it arrogance and greed that is seeping in?

Random Thoughts

Early 90’s retro haircuts coming back

Can I be one of the first to say?  Early 90’s haircuts are coming back.  I’ve seen a few steps around lately (kinda like the fade, but more defined, MC Hammer rocked one).  I’m rocking a side sweep (skater style with banger tendancies).  There are a few faux hawk mullets i’ve seen that are ready to turn full mullet.  


I’m so happy about this development.