Don’t worry if your idea already exists

Are you the type of person that has lots of ideas and struggles to find time to do any of them?   Then this post isn’t for you.

This post is for you if you’ve finally found some time to work on that wonderful idea that you’ve had bumping around your head.   You sit down and start to do some research on the topic.   You know what you need to get it done.   Your laundry is set and your girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend is away for the week.  Things are all good.  You open up google and do some searching for the ideas and tools you need to make your idea reality.

And then you see it.   Someone did it already!

Don’t sweat it.  You need to continue to work on your idea!

One of the most disheartening things than can happen to yourself is seeing the fruits of someone elses labor evolve into a working, real implementation of that world-changing idea that you had.   It’s easy to question yourself and think that you lost your chance or you are behind the game.  You might even think it’s time to pack it in and have kids and hope that they succeed at dreams that you failed at.   You might even go so far as to say, oh, sell your things and move to an ashram.  What’s an ashram?

In anycase you will need to fight off that urge to give up and continue following your dreams.   There is one strong reason for this – innovation.

While someone else may have already built the thing you are thinking of, you have no idea if your efforts will produce something that is better, faster, stronger, more user-friendly, less power-consuming, more earth-friendly and so on.   Take a look at google.  When google was launched there were already a number of search engines on the market.   Fast forward to just a few years after google was launched and you start to see that google completely dominated the field.   it would have been easy for Sergey Pergey to just say “F it.  I’m going just work for some dude and make my money” but he didn’t.  S and L went about building google into what it is today.

So if you think that your idea is now useless, or you can’t implement it please think again.   You might just have the improvement on the idea that push the idea to the next level.

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