Shaun Farrugia’s Resume

Download Shaun Farrugia’s resume as a PDF – Last Updated December 2022

Shaun Farrugia is a transformative hands-on technology leader and a seasoned engineering manager. Highly experienced managing remote/distributed tech organizations. He has a transparent, open and collaborative leadership style. Focused on DevOps, Agile, Lean and Coaching. Experienced up and down the technology stack, Shaun has worked in the Fortune 50 and the startup world. Currently hands on 30% but adjustable.  Dual EU/US citizen.

His most recent effort at Parallel Learning showed how he brings results. Starting from scratch, Shaun built a platform and product that allowed this healthtech tech enabled services company to grow from $0 to $5m ARR in 11 months. He did this in the most lean possible way, hand in hand with his product ops counterpart. Teamwork made the dream work!

He can manage cross-functional teams; build and manage technical and product roadmaps. He learned how metrics can help the C-Suite guide and shape thinking and started to use these in his own management approach.

Shaun can hit the ground running! Hands on Architect and stack agnostic. Can lead from the front, write code when necessary. Comfortable in Python, Typescript, Node, Java, JavaScript, CMS, PHP, SQL. Handy with all of the Devops tools; he has used Docker, Ansible and Linux to manage complex software deployment environments. Shaun has used Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Shaun is comfortable managing remote or on-site engineering and product teams.

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