Getting rid of life-spam

I have a suggestion for you.


Get rid of life-spam.  Declutter your email box by ensuring it doesn’t get cluttered at all.

I realized this week after listening to The 4 Hour Work Week audiobook that I not only spend too much time on the inbox, but I actually HAVE NOTHING TO DO in my inbox.   For example:  Over the past 2 days my Gmail and Emich inbox combined have received over 40 promotional emails from companies that I have done business with in the past.   

Since I’ve made it a point to de-stuff, I’ve also have to make a point to ignore and delete these promotional messages.  I’m not interested.   I am interested in deals but honestly you can find those same deals by searching google/ebay/yahoo what ever.  These giant time-wasters give you absolutely NO VALUE.  


Do yourself a favor:  Next time you do your Inbox 0 or Collection process, go ahead and unsubscribe to all of that promotional email.  You’ll be so glad you did!