Java, where art thou? aka .isAvailable()?

So for the past two years I’ve really wanted to jump on the Ruby On Rails train (is that what it’s called?).  It seems that PHP has had a similar MVC pattern happening with PEAR.  Rails is under the gun from this “hackers framework” called MERB.   Python has Django ( is using this) and Pylon (nothing like maintaining alliteration).

As a web developer I am always looking for ways to maintain some semblance of automation amongst my coding activities.  There’s only so many view patterns one can write before you say “Really?  I need to do this again?”  I’m wondering why a pure POJO framework hasn’t caught fire amongst us yet.   Is RUBY that much of a step up that it allows such a strong framework to exist.  Are we doomed to have  Groovy fill in the cracks with scripting putty and Grails?