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Whiteboarding Techniques? Who knew!

I’m in the middle of some interview preparation.  It’s been nice as it really does help you become more aware of yourself as a professional.  One area that I struggle with, without knowing that I struggle, has been in whiteboarding.

Since I do most of my work remotely there is usually not a huge demand to whiteboard with folks on the team.  I rely more on the written word than on visual identifiers which has a lot of issues.

The interview processes however, usually does require a lot of whiteboarding.  Showing up to one of these interviews with rudimentary whiteboarding skills is a negative signal on you.

Thankfully, folks over at did a 5 part series on how to whiteboard. All of the techniques are easy enough.  It looks helpful for everyone, even if they are ones who whiteboard all day everyday!

A simple tip:  Use lowercase block lettering while whiteboarding; it’s easier for people to read and lets you use uppercase block lettering to indicate impact/emotion.


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