Writing a Firefox Extension for AIM

I am learning the wonderful world of Mozilla. Specifically writing an extension for Firefox. There are some really awesome things about this platform. Firefox is not just a great browser, but it’s a really great platform. XPCOM let’s me write javascript code to do sockets and all sorts of wild stuff. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

In any case I’m writing an extension to let me send links to people who are logged into America Online Instant Messenger. AOL just released a ton of developer tools for embedding AIM into your web pages, and a ton of SDK’s but I’ve decided to use the old TOC2 protocol for the project. The reason: I didn’t want to start trying to deploy XPCOM, C++ bindings and all sorts of headaches with my first extension. I want this to be fun, easy, and useful for my first try. Something a little more advanced than Hello, World.

In any case i’ve spent the last two nights on it and I found an old TOC protocol implemented in javascript and created my first XUL add-in. Next steps are to upgrade the TOC to TOC2 protocol and figure out a way to test it properly without destroying my user account.

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